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Friday, 21 March 2014

Adaptation: New Space Concepts

I need to rethink what might be 2D and 3D in my space. And also I want the textures to be a little more crayon and uncoordinated, as always in drawings by very young children. Below are a few general sets using some of these ideas. The solid coloured objects would be properly modelled in Maya as 3D objects, the rather plainer ones will be textured planes instead. My attempt at creating such a thing can be seen below. And also a few sketches of the characters with similar design attributes.

                                    A few sketchy bats                          A few sketchy Shapes

Inspired by 'An Audience' with and 'Paddington Bear' and the like I decided it was high time (and also easier to construct my spacial idea,) to just test something out. In my attempt to find a texture style I found myself combining watercolour paints and crayons. (Which was a lot more fun than I care to admit) The Maya shots below re a really vague test run with a few textures included.

I've got a lot of stuff to go and make having gone back through Shel's poems and made notes on the nonsensical objects and stories that could clutter/populate my attic space. But for the sakes of testing, creating the scene above helps me to see how this 2D 3D mix up might work. I think it may be a case of 'just build it' from this point, as I've found actual concept art to be more of  hindrance than a help... We will see how this goes. First things first, to create the objects.


  1. Hi Emily,

    I think you should consider putting in a skirting board in place - a modelled skirting board that just runs around the wall to lend a bit more interest and domestic authenticity.

    1. I completely forgot about that. Thanks Phil. I thought it looked a bit strange! About to start modelling the real thing now. Here comes the mass of nonsensical objects!