Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Adaptation: Tweaking the Space

I took one last look at my model of my space last night and realized it was missing that branding cartoon light-switch element about it. I did modify the rafters a little to sit slightly more proudly than they did previously. I also noticed that the window frame and sill were looking a bit too well organised so I sorted that out with a bit of tweaking.The same went for the skirting board- it was a little too regular. Finally I started to add the key elements. The light bulb and the wire leading to the light-switch on the left hand side. I made sure the button was separate so that I can animate it later to have an 'on' and 'off' position.

In creating the light switch I hit upon a few problems with my geometry. Eventually I discovered there was a rather large problem with rotating it. The object started to react as though there was a lattice on it (there wan't.) So I started from scratch and this time remembered to add the feature of screws into my little electrical fitting.

 Incorporated the bunch into my space and added in a couple of fasteners to hold the light wire to the ceiling. But then realized that there was yet more missing. What on earth is supporting the bulb? Nothing. So I went back and altered the wiring a little more.

I really like how this place is starting to look. I might attempt a few lumps and bumps in the floor to help indicate floorboard, but it may be all about the texturing rather than the modelling....

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