Thursday, 6 March 2014

CG Artists Toolkit- Dynamics: Particle Emitters

Omni Emitters

The exploding stick of dynamite below is an example of an Omni Emitter. Used to create the burning sparks of the fuse and the ultimate explosion. It was certainly a colourful tutorial to complete and amusing in its cartoon sense. There was an enormous difference in rendering time when the dynamics were rendered using the Hardware Render Buffer. Its only for graphical purposes but its really very quick. 

Directional Emitters

The directional emitter can be seen working its magic in the video below. Rather than the more gaseous or sparkly forms of particles this time they take on a far more solid form. I decided to go with a more cartoon liquid, I wasn't a big fan of the brown, so I decided green slime was a better bet. I think I needed to further adjust the threshold for a more 'liquid' run-off. But for cartoon slime the stodgy mess in the video below will do for now.

Volume Emitters

Below is an example of a volume emitter being used to create a cloud of steam as it is released from beneath and drain cover. This was a very simple and quick tutorial. Although in the playback of this particular dynamic, the 'turbulence field' rather distracts. But as was said in the tutorial this is probably down to its positioning in the middle of the steam drain. Had it been moved up and the scene re-rendered  (also blurred differently within Adobe After Effects) then the boiling bubbling effect could probably be avoided.

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