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Friday, 14 March 2014

CG Artists Toolkit: Linear Flow and Emitting from Particles

The images below were created through adjusting colour management. I think I may have to watch this tutorial a few times over to understand linear flow, but it does appear to have a profound effect on end renders. Adjusting shadows and colours in particular. I understand that in order to get that perfect render there needs Gamma needs to be at the perfect value of 1. But renders have to be adjusted following the other curves at 0.454 which create blown out scenes, or 2.2  which create the blackest of shadows and darkened scenes. In order to create that linear flow (the perfect render) each curve need to be countered with the other to create that perfect Linear flow. At least this is my understanding thus far. Definitely needs further study!

Finally the below dynamics video shows particles emitting from particles and creating this really lovely fireworks display. After about three separate renders I'm still not quite happy with the colours. The Red and the Blue look a little dark. The green however is very successful.

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