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Monday, 10 March 2014

CG Artists Toolkit: Surface Emission and Curve Flow

The funky fuzziness below is an example of surface emission in Maya. Plugging in various ramps and keying them at different points on the timeline for transparency and other attributes, the end result is this really lovely haze. I rather enjoyed this tutorial.

In contrast however I was left a little confused on this tutorial. the unfinished sample below is an example of curve flow used on this sword so that it seems to be empowered by magic and fire. Mine however differed rather a lot from the example. I feel there might have been a setting or something missing from the scene as my still render of just the sword came out really dark, like this....

I'm not sure whether it was a light, or shadows, or something completely different, so for the sakes of competing the tutorial I continued and just brightened the colour gain on some of the sword.  On rendering out however, I realised the particle rate was too low- the intention had been to up it at some point. And on trying to increase it, I found the channel to be locked (?) Then again I may have been looking in the wrong place.) Either way, my final render in after effects wasn't quite as epic as the example from the tutorial. Once I figure out how to brighten up the sword I'll go back and re-do this tutorial. So that the magical sword can be animated in all its glory.

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