Monday, 21 April 2014

Adaptation: Almost There

Continuing with the medium sized furniture I tarted up a few bits and pieces as I went along. a few more books, a bit of extra texturing on the Special Umbrella, finally I tested out my mirror. Thoroughly pleased that the reflection didn't show an enormous vacuous space. As you can see my fan is not quite working as I have planned just yet. (That will be the close up with the guitar and christmas tree) The attempt was to create transparencies with the front and back casing of the fan to reveal the blades inside.

As today's gone on i've found myself using PNG versions of my files for the fan and guitar strings so as to get the transparency effect. However the texture didn't quite adhere. Part of my geometery appears to go transparent and the texture coats the reverse almost. The central point of the blades appears more of a bowl than a lozenge, fortunately it cannot really be seen at a distance, but its something i would like to correct if i can.

In the meantime I've worked on the rest of the objects, completing the small things such as the train set, jars, books and bottles. There are just a couple of items left and a revisit needed on the woodwork and i would consider this scene complete. Only needing characters and camera's to populate it next.

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