Monday, 28 April 2014

Adaptation: Animating Thus Far

The next stage of my project having built the scene and textured it, was to build texture and animate the three characters from Shel Silverstein's Poem 'Shapes'. From here the interactive nature of my design can be displayed.

Th idea involved the Attic being an interactive playground, where a young child can click on certain objects and launch into an animated reading of one of Silverstein's poems. The sequence is made complete with subtitles so that the young one may learn to read along. There is also the option to switch off the narrator so that the child may read aloud themselves.

Below is a short snippet of my animation so far using play blasts. A little bit of a voice over is present. And the clicking lightbulb takes the place of a cursor. The file is awaiting the scenes ambient sound and also the text needs to be animated graphically and interestingly. I really (really!) hope I can complete this same animation in rendered form with all the above features, but the schedule is running a little tight!

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