Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Adaptation: The 'Final' Attic (First Draft)

So, here's the 'complete'Attic. Of course it won't be complete till I've received a little feedback, and probably made a few tweaks. So I suppose you could call it the first draft. Below shows the last few progressive shots- including the addition of an opposite wall with window, so as to complete the room and especially for the reflective objects that will betray my space. I feel fairly happy with my final product. Tomorrow come the close up renders of the 'special' objects and beginnings of camera shots for my very short animated sequence. There might be a little jiggling around of objects to ensure I get the camera and lighting I want, but we shall see.

If there is one thing I am slightly befuddled by, its the contrast in brightness between my 'final render' and what I see in my render view. If anyone has any suggestions as to how to go about this. (I feel it should be the darker rendition so that it appears to be night time.)

Final Render in the Render View
 Final render JPEG same as the image above-supposedly (Possibly a blogger malfunction?)