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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Adaptation: Junking Up the Place

After the previous lighting tests I feel its high time I started filling the attic with the junk I'm building. This way I can try and organised the space, check the lights and then I'll texture everything together in one scene so I can see how they react to the lighting. This meant I needed to UV texture those cardboard boxes that will probably feature predominantly in the finished scene. the second of the images below shows the scene when I tested the lights before add in the ambient occlusion. As you can see its extraordinarily blown out.

The image below is the rendered scene thus far as I try to populate it with stuff. I can't wait to fill it properly. It'll probably take me a fair while to organize the place so that its not hard to look at. I'll try and make a path of stuff.

For the sakes of testing and quick renders these were rendered out as draft quality rather than full production.


  1. looking v. appealing, Emily :) more junk!

  2. Very nice Emily, keep it up