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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Adaptation: Lighting Tests

I just wanted to get a handle on this part of my set. there is nothing worse than a badly lit set. And its one thing that can really pull a scene together. In order to get this started I had to upscale my scene. So I adjusted the units from centimetres to metres. And finally my scene could be witnessed in scale....
its PUNY!
After a few scale tweaks i got the environment to a fairly authentic size and from here I could go about authentically lighting the environment.I began with an Ambient Occlusion node plugged into an area light. This really helps blast the area with a little light rather than relying entirely on the Volume Light I had initially. To light the whole room with the Volume Light meant making the centre of the room blow out with brightness. Not really successful. But a combination of the pair toned down may just work well in tandem. Here are a few of the test runs.

The original blown out horror, followed by a scene with ambient occlusion and a few objects. I need to adjust the light coming in from the outside as well, so its very low level, almost unnoticeable but still present.

in this selection I was playing with the intensity of the Volume light, trying not to blow out my scene but make sure it was well lit.
                                         Intensity 1.000                                     Intensity 2.000

                                        Intensity 3.000                                     Intensity 2.500

The image below was a test in adjusting the Max Distance within my ambient occlusion node to see how much it affected the scene.

Here are the settings I like so far with my lights on production quality within Mental Ray (It took about 2:30 to render)

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