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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Adaptation: Modelled!

Its taken me far longer than expected but I've done it. Completely modelled my scene and UV mapped around 95% of it. There may be a few things I need to tinker with in regards to UV's but I'll do that as I work on those textures my scene so badly needs.

Below are the last few additional objects. A couple of teddy bears a few book, s a train set and those stray christmas baubles. I'm really happy with how this cluttered attic has turned out. I have noted I've accidentally switched off a light on that lamp (I'll fix that for the next post.) I've finally added in a panel behind my window ready for a textured surface shader with a lovely childish night sky on it and theres a tree just in front to cast a shadow and create some external influences. Now I think I'm good to go on those textures. Onwards!


  1. Well done Emily. Looking forward to seeing the textured version next.

  2. looks great, Emily! :D Well done!