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Monday, 14 April 2014

Adaptation: Modelling and UV mapping (Penultimate Post)

I feel I am only about a step away from completing the scene. Need a few small details (and to ensure I don't destroy useful nodes and such or lose a days work of saved data-) then I will be ready for that all important texturing stage (I'm really looking forward to that bit! As I have been building this scene I have fund more and more that I prefer simply 'toonifying' all of my objects using various animation techniques and I find myself wondering if it is really necessary to create 2D objects. I think now it might just ruin the magic of my scene instead. So for now I am continuing to create everything in 3D and UV mapping as I go. Here is the most recent progress in my renders....

The addition of the following objects. A canoe into the rafters, an electric fan, a baby cot, A bookshelf and some duplicates of various small items such as boxes, jars and bottles.

Close ups of the 'Special' interactive objects that would lead to the readings of some of Shel Silverstein's Poems.

Finally the addition of a few boxes to the rafters and also lantern decorations (halloween pumpkin lanterns). These are ready to justify one of the characters from Shel's poems. A little Bat decoration which will be pinned up close by.


  1. looking so cute, Emily - I'm just thinking some loose marbles or building blocks or similar to break-up the foreground floor might be a welcome touch, and likewise just another something or two - a non-square something or other on the beam above the window - just to add a touch more interest :)

    1. Haha, getting there Phil- the minute things are next on the agenda :D And they won't all be square!! XD

  2. The lighting is beautiful! I think I'll need to come to you in future for help!!!

    1. Aha, thank you Lydia! Although it may be me coming to you first for tips on economising! My render times at 5 minutes! I haven't gotten my textures on yet!