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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Adaptation: More Modelling and UV Mapping

Creating yet more objects. A few bottles and Jars, Bicycle wheels that you never quite know what to do with (or always intend to fix but never do.) A piano that might've seen better days or just hasn't got a place downstairs. I

'm trying o think logically about the placement of items now, creating a sort of mental floor plan. And the easiest way to do this may just be creating large items first and then working down to the teeny ones. As they're created I can go on to assemble things like a cityscape or  garden design, creating some interesting paths to follow within the scene. Foreground, mid-ground, background- that kind of thing. Altering the heights of things with a few escapee objects breaking free of the pattern.

The piano is a work in progress with regards to the UV's. It wasn't very well modelled and might need a few tweaks in order to get those UV's to sit correctly. Other than that I quite like it, there's room for texturing the keys and having the lid open and shut if necessary.

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