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I give you the first of 'The Bob Animations.' I hope you enjoy this little animation. The next one is already in production!!!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Adaptation: Placing (some of) the Items

I'm just trying to organize the space and add in the objects as they are modelled and UV'd. I'm now creating large items first, placing them and building up around them as you can see. I'm hoping i create an interesting scene utilizing foreground, mid-ground and background. As a note, late last night I also wondered about the scale of my scene when I looked at the light switch and bulb, so in these renders I shrunk them and found it made the scene look slightly more real in its own quirky way.

Next to to be built, UV mapped and placed in the scene is- the family canoe, only used on the camping holidays that are few and far between. The large fan brought down from the attic for all summer heatwaves and a bookshelf in need of fixing.

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