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Friday, 11 April 2014

Adaptation: Quality and Lighting

I felt now that the scene was inhabited with a various amount of junk I could test out a few lighting tweaks and the like using full production quality. (My biggest concern is the render time for each frame.) The first thing I altered was the brightness being cast y my ambient occlusion area light. It massively affects the room and it has the potential to be coloured which means I could give the room a slightly warm yellow glow of an old light bulb.

I also finally realized I had been rendering only in HD 720 and altered it to render out in HD 1080. The difference in quality can be seen but also this leads to the tweaks that need to be made. There is a little sharp edging to be seen in the overhead cable leading to the light switch if you look carefully. I've kept the samples at 32 and at the moment I think it looks quite good I can't find signs of graininess at the moment. But this will all alter once again when things start to receive their textures.

In the midst of this experimentation I realized that my rather important light switch was fading into the background. This is quite literally when I had a light bulb moment. Subsequently I added in a table lamp directly below the switch and went about lighting the immediate area with some help from Alan. Still a few tweaks needed to make this work. It takes a few Maya lights to illuminate the lamp itself before creating the light effect I want to affect the environment. Alan helped insert a glow into my lampshade so that it has the incandescence you tend to get with real lamps. At the moment I am struggling to light the base of the lamp authentically.

This was Alan's help. He created a ramp shader so as to see the effects of making the lampshade glow. 
The images below are the many test renders taken whilst trying to light the lamp base. Currently unsuccessful with two area lights, one lighting from below, the other from above. I can't seem to make the light extend to the middle, so I have this strange shadowy band around the middle.

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