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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Adaptation: Render Timing- Requesting Suggestions

Does anyone have any hints and tips as to what area's should I be looking into to try and get a better render time? My most recent render at HD1080 took 7:16! I have no idea if this is to be expected with a scene of this 'complexity' or not or whether some settings adjustments might help. I also tested HD 720 which took 4:18 but for some reason adjusted the glow on my lightbulb (?) I have no idea why. Any comments on which version is preferred or better would be greatly appreciated.

HD 1080- Render- (brightened by blogger for some reason!?)

HD 720 Render- (Also brightened by Blogger for some reason.)

The screen shots from my render port (HD 1080, HD 720) to show the not so bright versions


  1. Blogger is a right pain in the arse! It auto adjusts your images! If you want to stop it brightening your images you have to upload as a flattened 8 bit PNG or if you have a Google Plus account there's an option in there to stop it doing it.


    Also, in regards to render time 7 minutes is fine for a still image of this complexity, for animation it might be too high but I'm assuming this wont be an animation? The longer the better in some ways for a still image. Use the highest resolution possible so 1080 is good for the web, but for printing you might want to go higher.

    1. Aha. OK I'll see if I can save out my renders differently for future posts. Thank you for the heads up. Uh, there is going to be a little bit of animation within this scene. 3 characters (a cube pyramid and Cylinder rolling around the little toy box area) and a little camera action too zooming in and out of the scene, which was why I was a little apprehensive over a 7 minute render. Would it be better if I rendered at HD 720 instead?

  2. In this case, render at HD 720 (HD 1080 for animation is probably too high in most instances anyway, the render times get too large when close to a deadline) or speak to Alan about finding a way to reduce your render times. You might be able to use render layers as well!

  3. Hi Emily

    If you do a search for tracking in after effects on youtube you can either pick from single point tracking, multipoint tracking, or tracking in Mocha for after effects (advanced / another app). I would recommend multipoint tracking in your case.

    Multipoint tracking in after effects...