Thursday, 17 April 2014

Adaptation: The Scene Thus far (and some Furniture)

So I feel I have finished the main environment for now, save the Light switch-That will probably be the last thing I complete. It may require a little remodelling and UV Mapping etc.
You can see the progression of the scene below.

Initially playing with the floorboards and their colours. The addition of a more prominent skirting board, however this is covered when the scene is full of stuff, but never mind. The beams and dark woodwork have been slightly brightened. Next, the window frame which currently sticks out like a sore thumb, but there will be other objects in the scene with the same slightly off white Lambert applied. Finally the external influences, a tree and the night sky.

My Next port of call is the large furniture using a colour scheme I devised whilst Texturing my environment. (It may still change, depending on how things go as I texture. 

Here's how the day went with regards to finishing off the environment and kick starting the furniture.

A lot of brown and tan yes, but the various bits and bobs are going to have a few more colours and patterns. In time this will come to be seen. For now there are a few shaders and texts to be corrected and far more objects that need their colour!