Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Adaptation: Texturing Begins!

A lot of this is going to be experimentation. I know the style I want -goony and childish- but I haven't settled on anything specific. its all a bit flowing at the moment. Below are the initial test runs on the main environment space. After that I'm onto the larger furniture.

So I started playing wight he floorboards. I have this amazing set of Photoshop brushes that imitate colouring in with crayons. I used those for the base texture and then out of my seven original planks created the striations you find in the wood. In my eagerness to see what my drawing looked like in Maya I found myself quite liking the sparse placement of the drawn floorboards amongst the others. Its a feature I've decided to keep.

Onward from this point I set about the walls and the beams. At the moment I think the woodwork is a little too dark and could do with a little lightening up. A little more precision is needed with the skirting board. And perhaps my floorboards could undergo a little darkening, or even slight variation in colour? Either way... It begins!

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