Sunday, 20 April 2014

Adaptation: Texturing more Furniture

This has taken longer than expected- having given myself the run around when textures started responding weirdly to lights and such. I spent a large part of a day trying to figure out why shadows had gone missing, or textures were blown out and such but I think they'e fixed for now. Over the a large part of this weekend I've managed to texture all the large furniture and the majority of the medium sized furniture, whilst adding a few of the littler bits 'n' pieces to my UV maps as I went along.

Here is thus far. Not sure about my cardboard boxes. I feel like I need some nice details/ other texturing or possibly the simpler childishly drawn pieces. My favourite object is the chest of drawers with the shiny handles and the way it looks so tactile... For now however I'm working on finishing the medium sized furniture. (The Fan, Mirror- which is an issue in itself and the christmas tree.) And also going back to complete the guitar as the fan and guitar require transparencies.


  1. This looks awesome Emily! One thing, the texture on the beams doesn't seem quite right to me. Looks slightly too big and blurry. Maybe try increasing the photoshop resolution and scale down the texture so the details are smaller. More like the wood on the far right wall. Great work! Keep going :D

    1. Thanks Anita, I'll get on that beam issue. :D