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Friday, 4 April 2014

Adaptation: UV Mapping the Environment

 So I've been working into the scene once again this time UV mapping while its still on the brain, (next is that infernally bendy chest of drawers then back to modelling all the rest of the attic junk!) Despite my previous post saying I wouldn't attempt floorboard. I gave it a shot anyway. The non-UV grid version doesn't look all that bad and it might turn out to be a great idea. But if not, I have still UV mapped the simple floor as well so that it can simply be one large texture.

I intend to come back to the light switch after solidifying the entire concept branding. The logo brand for this app will be a light switch-  therefore it seems only fitting to me that this light switch, used to launch the program, exit the program and supposedly  light the environment- then it should therefore resemble the logo design  exactly.

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