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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Minor Project- A few ideas...

It Begins...

Its time to start the final year, (scary prospect) BUT exciting at the same time. I have been entertaining a couple of idea's. Admittedly they are a floaty mess, but thats to be expected at the moment. I hope to refine one or two of these and turn them into a worthwhile project that expresses me as a CG creative by the end of this year.

Idea 1

My first idea was inspired by a track of music. The beating folk like nature of 'Where No One Goes'  from new Dreamworks release 'How to Train your Dragon2'. But rather than focusing on Vikings as the subject, I looked into Celtic mythology and fairytales and started exploring slightly more folk sound, courtesy of Kevin MacLeod. My favourite so far linked here, known as 'Celtic Impulse'

I felt like creating a paced wordless story, exploring landscape environments whilst hinting at the old gods. I feel particularly drawn to 'Morrigan.' described to be-

A shape changer. She can transform from ravishing beauty to hag- or battle crow to the 'Washer Woman of Doom'- in triple time.' (godchecker.com)

I like the idea of following that character through a visual aesthetic either with muted or few colours. (Like the BBC 2 Christmas Idents form a few years back) I think this might have a potential for some interesting transitions covering both 2D and 3D.

Idea 2

A pair of characters I drew a while back, called 'the Kapow kids' have been niggling at me for some time as potential characters for a children's TV show of some description. But ignoring the name 'Kapow kids'. I keep imagining them in a little sci-fi world of their own getting about at high speeds on hover boards.

The goal with these characters would be to create them and animate them in their own TV trailer. I'm rather drawn to the block colours and slick design of the kids TV shows 'FreeFonix' and 'The Secret Show'.  Theres a comic book style panelling and silhouetting I would like to emulate. But perhaps evolving a story around racing, like Pixar's 'Sugar Rush' game in the film 'Wreck It Ralph'.

                                            Freefonix                                       The Secret Show
                                                                     Wreck it Ralph

Idea 3

Flicking through my sketchbook. I came across this guy. The character was inspired by 'Ice Age' secondary character 'Scrat' (voiced by the director Chris Wedge) I feel those goggling eyes are oozing a luckless and hopeless personality. And perhaps I can take the style and create a new hapless creature. Or maybe a small cluster of them and then create a sketch of a similar nature to Scrat, or perhaps 'Bernard Bear' and 'Shaun the Sheep'. Where all the action is purely slapstick.

Idea 4

This consists of me revisiting a project from my first year during 'Storytelling and Commission.' A project where we were given three words. A character, prop and location. Mine were a clown, a lasso, and a restaurant. The end result of that project was the animatic below, entitled 'Roped In.'

I've always been quite pleased with the key characters I created for this project and I feel they have the potential for further exploration. I could perhaps create the same story, frame by frame, completely in 3D. I could redesign elements with a richer set of environments.

Or I could take simply the characters and do something completely new. Such as a solitary act by my Cowboy Clown.... As of yet I am unsure.


  1. Hey Emily :)

    Nice to have you back in the mix! Well, you know my thoughts already in so much as I think you've got the skillset to take on the 'animated short' pipeline, as evidenced by your projects so far. Of all the ideas flagged here, I'm drawn to Morrigan, principally because, as a basis, it's not some over-depicted trope or locked down premise.

    The idea of using music as the prime basis for a narrative can be a very invigorating way to work up a story - literally allowing the music to tell you something about the sequencing of the story beats etc. However, it's my experience that royalty-free music often lacks the variation and structure to give that variance in terms of story (a lot of royalty-free is a bit 'middle of the road'), so my first bit of advice here would be to ensure you were working with quality from the outset - even if this means parting with some cash. For the new course showreel, I used this company...


    ... and paid £50, because the music was perfect and full of shifts and different activity.

    All of that said, for me this is about finding your story or the purpose of your piece. It's about finding the narrative engine that will drive the art direction, music, sound - putting the story before everything else and getting that developed. I'd like to learn a little more about Morrigan on here over the coming days... :)

    1. I'd be more than happy to pay for a good soundtrack for my work, so thanks for the link Phil. :D I'll check them out.