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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

New inspirations, New Idea's

With conversations and guidance comes a new path in the telling of my tale about Morrigan. I've been pointed in the direction of previous animations including the music video for the band 'Danger Beach' and their song 'Apache' below.

The animation is a sort of moving carousel, changing the scenery before fading away in the background. It mixes media, with collage and textures. (Something I am quite fond of.)
In my digging to discover more about the animator, I found a short interview with him, including how he made this piece.

This particular animation has significance to my progression, because I'd like to experiment with the idea of having a fixed camera and the environment and scenes slide in and out of shot to continue telling the story. A little like paper theatre.

Another animation I was told to look at is 'The Secret of Kells'. This 2008 animated film is set in precisely the medieval era I intend to set my story alongside the Irish Celtic vibe I need. However 'The Secret of Kells' incorporates this lovely combination of cute characterization with medieval illustration and stained glass. Perspectives are at strange angles, but in this particular environment it works perfectly. There is a large element of shape involved in this animation, interesting scenes in which all the features fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

The story was based upon a real, illuminated, gospel book called the 'Book of Kells', containing the four gospels of the new testament. The decoration of which combines christian iconography and insular art. insular art is the rather specific Celtic Christian art style limited mostly to Ireland and Britain during the early medieval period. The book was incredibly ornate in its design. And will prove useful to investigate for authentic designs.

Now the intention is to better investigate 'Insular Art' and |Celtic patterns to help me create a new way of animating. I intend to 'grow' the scenery and fluidly change the events of my Morrigan story using Celtic knots and patterns. The shapes will be moved around like elements in a paper theatre with a distinctive medieval Irish vibe to it.

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