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Monday, 22 September 2014

Project Proposal- So Far

So! Here's the plan. I aim to create an animated short revolving around the Celtic Irish Goddess Morrigan, her story being an origin story- How she became to be the Goddess of battle and strife. After a short tutorial it would appear her story will begin as a romantic tragedy. The goddess of death finds the man of her dreams but he is doomed to die at her hand whether she means to do it or not. In the end she manifests as the fully fledged Morrigan. A cursed and lonely woman destined to reap souls for eternity.

Boiling down to the art style I am fixed upon a muted and simple colour scheme, with perhaps use of silhouetted characaters. I like the idea of combining 2D and 3D elements to create something really visually interesting. Not too dissimilar to the animation for 'The Deathly Hallows' animation in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part1.

I still like the pop-up book or diorama layout usedin the BBC 2 Christmas Ident from 2007. Again it has the subdued colours I quite like.

 I feel when I come to designing the characters I need to take an approach thats a little different. A lot of the images that come up when google searching 'Morrigan' are of a well established game character Morrigan Aensland from 'Darkstalkers. An anime style which is not really the celtic route I'm looking for. Although I am however gaining inspiration from the costume design of this statue of Morrigan, by Sharon Aur. (The pictures were found here on her Blogger page.) All of her celtic and fairy staues have a similar charm about them and a unique design to their attire that might prove further inspiration. However if I turn to silhouette in later animation, such detail may be lost. Still, it makes interesting viewing with such an eclectic mix of materials. Here she certainly looks like a warrior and commands respect. It certianly reminds me to consider her nature in her design. Perhaps with the love story comes and evolution in her look and style?

The next step is to go and write out a story structure that will hopefully encapsulate this Celtic tragedy. Hopefully that will appear on the blog shortly, alongside some sketches that spring to mind.

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  1. Hi Emily,

    Your mentor awaits!

    Tumo Mere @ http://artoftumo.blogspot.co.uk

    Much appreciated.