Thursday, 30 October 2014

Character Designing-Phase 2: The Crow

This is the character that needs the most work. Mainly because she's not humanoid! Trying to work out how the shapes will move together when imagining the crow in flight or hopping about on the floor makes for difficult grasping. So I've tried to create designs with her wings outspread this time and using the continuing knot shape throughout the entire body. I can see myself playing about with this for a while, these particular designs look a little too complicated at the moment.

I favour the wings of 6 and something about the midsection of 5. Once I've got the knot shapes, like the previous characters I'll have a play with body shapes, but I'll also try to continue the lifework around the body from another point of view. Such as the side view, but also with the wings folded.


  1. I would say 2, 4 or 5 but I am not sure if 2 is not too complicated.
    4 seems dangerous and that would probably work well with the story and 5 has a really nice shapes of the wings

  2. I really like 5 Emily I can't remember if the crow is also connected to the death omen also but I like the pointed shapes in the wings that make me feel as if 5 is dangerous or a villain.