Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Re-Imagined Character Design- Part3

Here we have some impressions of Morrigan in her young mortal like state. I was initially rather drawn to version 1 but she bore a little too much of the pointy villain about her (I'm thinking Ysma, from 'The Emperors New Groove') I liked incorporating one large knot shape for version 3, but I think my firm favourite design is version 8.

Wanting to fill the gap I incorporated a little scale model of the human characters side by side to confirm their heights. The warrior stands around 7 heads tall, young Morrigan 6 heads and finally the hag at a teensy 3 and a 1/2 heads tall. (Its all in that hunchback)


  1. I am liking number 8 too, however I would like to see top of 7 with bottom of 8... : D sorry!

  2. Haha no apologies needed! I am most definitely open for combinations! :D