Sunday, 5 October 2014

Scripting and Working the Story

I've been working on this a short while now. Trying to create my own spin on the myth of Morrigan and her shape-shifting abilities, amidst a tragic love story. Below I've worked the story into a broken down synopsis of what I'd like to achieve, the aesthetics I am aiming for, a three act structure and a logline of what takes place within each act. Finally, via scribd, I have a link to the original first draft script.

There are already some major changes needed in the script. After a short discussion, a major help to my approach was to look into theatre and stage directions, especially as the animation style I am leaning towards is slightly 'paper-theatre', with my 'camera' in a fixed position and elements sliding in and out of view. Characters appearing and disappearing from behind these elements and so on.

I'm currently working on the storyboard to accompany this story, eventually turning it into an animatic. I also intend to create a trial run of the transitioning effects I'd like to achieve with the entire animation. This will help my eventual goal to contact a musician and compose a piece of music specified to my story. I'd like the music to be as much of a storytelling feature as my visuals, so I need to give them as much information about the piece as possible before they can create anything. I'm hoping the story break down will help! Onwards!

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