Thursday, 9 October 2014

Storyboarding So far...

There's still a way to go yet. Im n the middle of Act3 part 2 (out of 8 and even then those parts can, and probably will, multiplay into many more drawings.)
In creating these scenes and with stage theatre concept still in mind, also combined with paper theatre, diorama's and pop-up books, I am formulating ways in which to animate various scenes; in particular scenes 13-15. Here I see the opportunity to create a mass of layers one on top of the other like a pop up book, or diorama. So that Morrigan can see the light of the campfire in the far distance. After spotting the fire, the entire scene could flip 180 degrees, so that the same scene can be viewed from the opposite side, the Warrior and his campfires point of view. Meanwhile Morrigan ventures through the darkness of the woods to investigate the light of the fire, appearing in the background.

It is all a work in progress. I hope I can communicate my intentions through use of a 'proof-of-concept' scene as well as an animatic of this storyboard.

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