Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Modelling the Warrior- Progression

 Here is a rather random selection of images from the creation of the warrior in Autodesk Maya. Unfortunately I was so focus on getting him going the images are a little sporadic and don't show development very well. There has already been a fair amount of compromise and outright guesswork. With such a stylised design and the orthographics not always giving me all the information I've adapted his shaping a little bit. Here he is so far.

I believe the scoop for the neck needs a bit of work to make it much smoother than this
And perhaps the American Footballers armoured shoulders need another seeing to as well...

The line work across the chest came off rather well from the front. As was to be expected the line work didn't continue round the side as the orthographies suggested they should. But it doesn't appear to be any kind of crisis.

I've started to work into the line work across the trousers, again these have had their shapes compromised slightly in order to keep the continuation of shape. Their centre point is beginning to get rather messy in terms of geometry and the way they might stress under motion also needs to be taken into consideration before finalising, On a final note I have started to try to block in the foot shape.

Finally, just to see how it might look I added simple lambert shaders in my predetermined colours. Its not bad so far!


Monday, 24 November 2014

Character Designing- Developing the Hag

Finally completed the Hag (I think). I took into consideration how wearing a cloak might affect her later once built in 3D so I took the time to do a quick turnaround of her other clothing. It may be simple but I didn't want to overcomplicate her current shapes. She won't ever remove the cloak, but she will occasionally open it to use her hands or gesture. The pose I have given her I envisage to be shortly before she transforms into the crow form of Morrigan, somewhat imitating spreading wings and preparing to fly.

As I have been developing the characters little details keep appearing and I'm fixing them as I go. Hopefully by the time I have finished my characters I will have adjusted my orthographies accordingly to incorporate developments such as, eyebrows and opposable thumbs and fingers, which were missing previously

The facial expressions of the hag are not particularly adventurous, her eyebrows may need a little thickening to ensure they register well. More than anything, her hair was the biggest headache. I get the feeling that it will have to be adjusted as I go along when building her in Maya. It was quite difficult creating the waves in 2D. But there will definitely be a few more strands than there are present in the three quarter view!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Character Designing- Developing Young Morrigan

There isn't too much left to alter on Morrigan, just a little finesse to her body shape. But the major aspect that does need development is her head and face, particularly the hair. The previous designs look a little too straight, not very dynamic and a little jarring.  especially around the head.

If you look at the first row, thumbnails 1-4. The 'hair' around Morrigans head doesn't communicate as hair, its just a circle around her head. So I moved on to include wisps of a fringe in a few simple lines and it immediately started to work (Thumbnails 5-8). The last thing was to work out how things  fit together around the back.

I feel the most successful designs on the page is the braids used in thumbnail 6, the fringes used in 6 and 7. And finally the back of the head created in 11. The chunky braid just looks much better and well connected compared to the other thinner versions. Now to combine those aspects...

Combining the braid from 5 and 11 and working into the eyebrows having learned from creating the Warrior, I came up with the developments below. Working out her turn around was a nightmare around the chest/bodice area. I could't quite work out how the lines would fit together in 3D and the obvious issue of physical form got in the way of that mental picture. I gave a shot at it and the results below aren't too shabby.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Character Designing- The Crow- Phase 3

The crow was losing its sense species in the previously posted thumbnails and so going back to photographic inspiration I tried to emulate the proportions better. It is proving quite difficult incorporating the necessary features with the knot theme, especially due to the extreme shapes a bird can create by simply opening its wings but also tucking them away.

The thumbnail sheets below show the knot patterns across the crow both with widespread wings from the front but also the same design as I guess it might appear in profile.

I find I'm drawn to 7, for the wing and tail designs, although the profile view offers a little less this might work in my favour. I also like 3 in particular for its profile view, although the feet don't fit as well with that one.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Character Design: The Warrior Final Turn Around (?)

Its a first attempt at the final piece but its close. Minor kinks need to be sorted out now, such as the facial expressions, but in terms of the body design I think I have him.

Taking thumbnail 14 from the last batch, I fixed on this one for the flowing, fairly simple knot pattern and the arrowhead shape in the legs... he is a warrior after all. I adjusted the orientation of arms (to look less feminine) and made the minutest of changes to his reverse side. I didn't want the back of him confused with the front, despite trying to continue the knot pattern around his form.

The walking and running samples help to show off the leg design on the inside leg compared to the outside leg.

The following page was experimentation in creating anemotive face with very limited features to play with. The plan is to pull around the line-work that makes up the eyes for the majority of expression. However, this alone doesn't seem to communicate enough, as you can see in the first set of brow-less faces.

I started to experiment with the placement of eyebrows, rather than just a sort of brow structure, as seen in the 3/4 view and side view. I'm uncertain as to which style I might go for. The knot themed would be in-keeping, but I'm not sure if I like or dislike the resulting monobrow feature...

So which row works best for emotive expressions? Brow-less, generic brows, or knot themed?