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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Character Design: The Warrior Final Turn Around (?)

Its a first attempt at the final piece but its close. Minor kinks need to be sorted out now, such as the facial expressions, but in terms of the body design I think I have him.

Taking thumbnail 14 from the last batch, I fixed on this one for the flowing, fairly simple knot pattern and the arrowhead shape in the legs... he is a warrior after all. I adjusted the orientation of arms (to look less feminine) and made the minutest of changes to his reverse side. I didn't want the back of him confused with the front, despite trying to continue the knot pattern around his form.

The walking and running samples help to show off the leg design on the inside leg compared to the outside leg.

The following page was experimentation in creating anemotive face with very limited features to play with. The plan is to pull around the line-work that makes up the eyes for the majority of expression. However, this alone doesn't seem to communicate enough, as you can see in the first set of brow-less faces.

I started to experiment with the placement of eyebrows, rather than just a sort of brow structure, as seen in the 3/4 view and side view. I'm uncertain as to which style I might go for. The knot themed would be in-keeping, but I'm not sure if I like or dislike the resulting monobrow feature...

So which row works best for emotive expressions? Brow-less, generic brows, or knot themed?

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