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Monday, 24 November 2014

Character Designing- Developing the Hag

Finally completed the Hag (I think). I took into consideration how wearing a cloak might affect her later once built in 3D so I took the time to do a quick turnaround of her other clothing. It may be simple but I didn't want to overcomplicate her current shapes. She won't ever remove the cloak, but she will occasionally open it to use her hands or gesture. The pose I have given her I envisage to be shortly before she transforms into the crow form of Morrigan, somewhat imitating spreading wings and preparing to fly.

As I have been developing the characters little details keep appearing and I'm fixing them as I go. Hopefully by the time I have finished my characters I will have adjusted my orthographies accordingly to incorporate developments such as, eyebrows and opposable thumbs and fingers, which were missing previously

The facial expressions of the hag are not particularly adventurous, her eyebrows may need a little thickening to ensure they register well. More than anything, her hair was the biggest headache. I get the feeling that it will have to be adjusted as I go along when building her in Maya. It was quite difficult creating the waves in 2D. But there will definitely be a few more strands than there are present in the three quarter view!

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  1. lovely, lovely design sheets - so much work and craft going on here! :)