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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Character Designing- Developing Young Morrigan

There isn't too much left to alter on Morrigan, just a little finesse to her body shape. But the major aspect that does need development is her head and face, particularly the hair. The previous designs look a little too straight, not very dynamic and a little jarring.  especially around the head.

If you look at the first row, thumbnails 1-4. The 'hair' around Morrigans head doesn't communicate as hair, its just a circle around her head. So I moved on to include wisps of a fringe in a few simple lines and it immediately started to work (Thumbnails 5-8). The last thing was to work out how things  fit together around the back.

I feel the most successful designs on the page is the braids used in thumbnail 6, the fringes used in 6 and 7. And finally the back of the head created in 11. The chunky braid just looks much better and well connected compared to the other thinner versions. Now to combine those aspects...

Combining the braid from 5 and 11 and working into the eyebrows having learned from creating the Warrior, I came up with the developments below. Working out her turn around was a nightmare around the chest/bodice area. I could't quite work out how the lines would fit together in 3D and the obvious issue of physical form got in the way of that mental picture. I gave a shot at it and the results below aren't too shabby.

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