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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Modelling the Warrior- Progression

 Here is a rather random selection of images from the creation of the warrior in Autodesk Maya. Unfortunately I was so focus on getting him going the images are a little sporadic and don't show development very well. There has already been a fair amount of compromise and outright guesswork. With such a stylised design and the orthographics not always giving me all the information I've adapted his shaping a little bit. Here he is so far.

I believe the scoop for the neck needs a bit of work to make it much smoother than this
And perhaps the American Footballers armoured shoulders need another seeing to as well...

The line work across the chest came off rather well from the front. As was to be expected the line work didn't continue round the side as the orthographies suggested they should. But it doesn't appear to be any kind of crisis.

I've started to work into the line work across the trousers, again these have had their shapes compromised slightly in order to keep the continuation of shape. Their centre point is beginning to get rather messy in terms of geometry and the way they might stress under motion also needs to be taken into consideration before finalising, On a final note I have started to try to block in the foot shape.

Finally, just to see how it might look I added simple lambert shaders in my predetermined colours. Its not bad so far!


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