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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Expressions Tests- Blend Shapes and Textured Test

The video below shows the sort of first draft of blend shapes for all the characters facial expressions. Some are more successful than others and the way in which they have been animated in places is clunky but most can now be viewed flowing fairly smoothly from one to the other.
I am particularly pleased with the shocked and angry expressions, followed closely by the sad ones. The least successful is the confused face (the last expression) Alongside 'laugh', but that is partially down to the way this sequence was key framed. These are blend shapes that will need tweaking at a later stage.

If there is one thing to be noted, its that sadly the blend shaping of the facial geometry, although largely successful in the untextured mode, is unnoticeable in textured. Though it could be considered a waste of time I like to think these subtle changes could still be seen from other angles rather than head on. Particularly expressions such as the angry one. Either way I am pleased with the results so far. Now to rig the rest of his body! Onwards

(The myriad of controls for the face)

(The Blend shape heads set)

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