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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Modelling the Warrior: Progression

The Warrior has been an interesting model in that I've had to make a few compromises and adjust things as I went along, what with the orthographic's not matching up. Below you can see my alterations to the creation of the feet, but also the waist and belt area. The original orthographic's made the line work very complicated and led to me physically modelling a belt instead

The below shows the extruded piping I was creating for the neckspace and leading into the back which bares a different design to the front of the warrior) I('m not entirely sure about the geometry. I don't think the flow is quite right and it could prove a little messy when animated later.

Initially I designed the hands of the warrior to resemble mittens, but when it came to modelling i was struck my the possibility that the characters may need fingers. Having created the majority of a hand I back tracked and turned the hand back into a mitten. What that means with regards to rigging and skinning however I am not sure.

Finally to get a better idea of the overall look of my model I used shaders to take a look at him from most angles. The only thing bothering me about his design now is the lack of fingers or line work present on the arms.

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