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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Warrior Progression and Hindering Errors

I've made progress toward the final stages of the Warrior. But there are still a few kinks that  are halting it. First of all however are the positives. I've successfully added joints to help control the hem of the shirt in preparation for the legs cutting through it when animating.

I've discovered I can now animate the warrior fairly well and the skinning is in the most case successful, as can be seen in the test walk cycle below.

This may or may not be visible however it will be made clear in the video below. But there appears to be a twisting issue in the wrist area of the warrior. It upsets the geometry when the arms are put down 90 degrees and also moved forward and backward. It results in a rather horrific loss of volume in the wrist in some positions as can be seen in the stills. Though this has happened previously in the shoulder I am uncertain as to how to fix it. The video highlights the joint twisting. (It appears to be the lowest joint of the ribbon spine in the forearm)

Though I can now animate the warrior fairly successfully, the only other addition is the piping design. The piping, being denser geometry, requires a secondary version of the warrior body to be smoothed to match the density and have the piping wrap deformed to it. I would animate using the low-res version, then for the final render, turn off the visibility for the low-res version to be replaced by the high-res and leave to render.

Though it has been successful during testing for the main body I have run into some problems with the head. At the moment I am having difficulty applying the head blend shapes to my 'high-res' head,  having followed the same process as I completed previously. However on using the head blend shapes, the animation moves the entire head geometry a slight amount as can be seen in the short loop below.

Currently the hi-res head is pre-smoothing and so is identical to the original head. As far as I can tell the skin cluster tweak and blend shapes are in the correct order. And were applied to the head as 'front of chain' There was no 'parallel blender' to delete. And I am currently unsure as to how to resolve the issue. Unable to complete this last hi-res version I find myself unable to complete the On/Off switch I intend to create to go between the hi and low res warrior for animating and rendering.

Any advice on how I can fix my problems would be much appreciated especially as I am so close to the finish line with this character.

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