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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Warrior Skinning- Problems

In my attempts to skin the upper body I have found myself facing some irritating problems. particularly where the ribbon spines have been used. The video below shows the fairly straightforward skinning process working well, but the subsequent pictures highlight where things are not going so well.

I'm currently uncertain as to what joints I should and shouldn't be selecting when applying the skin having encountered problems with what I thought would be the 'logical' selections.

The above [Video] skin job is the latest of many attempts and included the joints... Shoulder, Wrist, Mitten and Thumb. With the Upper arm middle joint (upper arm ribbon spine) and Forearm middle joint (Lower arm ribbon spine) and just in case it was necessary, I attempted to skin the 'elbow constraint group' between the upper and lower arm ribbon-spines.

Left arm at rest
 L_UpperArm_Middle_Jnt_01 clearly not skinned to the upper arm.
  L_Forearm_Middle_Jnt_01 successfully skinned to the lower arm.
 When selecting the geometry to paint the weights it becomes apparent I'm missing the upper arm ribbon spine joint in the influence menu on the left. Although I have no idea why. It was selected when Smooth Binding.

Currently the middle joint of the upper arm is refusing to be skinned, however, its brother in the forearm connects perfectly. On a side note, I'm uncertain as to whether I should or shouldn't be including the 'elbow joint' when I want the ribbon spines to seamlessly bend the arm rather than have the 'point' of an elbow present.

So for the moment I'm in a pickle I have thus far been unable to solve. Once this is completed however, all that is left to skin is the opposite arm (probably by copying the weights), the torso and clavicles. Then finally I will need to work out and complete the facial rigging for the eyes and eyebrows. In the meantime any help and suggestions on how to solve my problems would be greatly appreciated!

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