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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Warrior Skinning Tests

The video below is a compilation of all the skinning I've ben doing recently, which is rather a lot. This character has been skinned and reskinned half a dozen times in the bid to successfully use ribbon spines in both the upper arm and forearm. These should enable a more fluid bend than can be achieved with an average elbow. I have used the interactive bind, (Non-weight Normalized Skinning) for the whole body.

There is still some way to go. I believe I may need an influence object or the equivalent in the backside as it loses its volume when the leg draws back. Additionally I've discovered a fault in the way I built and designed my character with regard to the shoulders and position of the clavicles. In pulling the shoulders forward the model takes on the form of a man with even broader shoulders which was not what I intended. I'm uncertain but there may be a way in which to counter animate this perhaps with rivets. When the leg lifts forward it tends to pass through the low hanging part of the warriors shirt. This will likely be counteracted by use of rivets.

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