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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Warrior- Skinning

Since completing the warrior's model I have go ten onto skinning. Creating the skeleton was interesting as to create the curved arms i have had to incorporate Ribbon spines into both the upper arm and forearms. This made for some interesting joint work. Now thats I've mastered how to build him I have since been painting the weights. The legs and feet have been really straight forward. The head also appears straight forward. Wrap deforming the lifework of his eyes and monobrow to the head before painting all the weights to one joint. However the general torso area has been challenging...

On reaching the arms I realised on my initial skinning that I had made a mistake with my placement of joints for his shoulders, they were set within the body and thus when the arms were lowered to his sides it appeared distinctly off. Emergency corrections with assistance meant the skeleton was saved. I'm beginning to realise this warrior is the dummy test where I learn what to do, and what not to do! I get the feeling this characters rig will be completely revised, right back to the modelling stage for the beginning of the major project.

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