Friday, 30 January 2015

Hag Skinning Progression

After the little walking tests, I tested how far I could stretch her stride for a run. (This old lady does a fair amount of it.) I'm uncertain if I need to revisit the skeleton build and add in extra floating joints to stop the 'hem' in her dress from glitching through the main skirt.
For now I have the version below. If you look carefully you can see in the un-smoothed view there is still some glitching, however when smoothed it tightens into place.

This skeleton may be revisited, but for the meantime I am quite pleased with the general skirt movement. However it will be the rigged version of the character, when I can animate her personality, that will truly show any skinning and skeletal issues.

The first issue I have spotted is that parenting in foot controls accidentally detached the foot joints from the main rig. When the joints were parented back in, the mesh no longer behaved as expected. So I simply grouped things back into place. The video below shows the current skirt behavior with the grouped floating joints.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Hag Skinning Progression

She's proving to be rather difficult to map out. The upper body has been relatively normal thus far. As you can see in the video clip below. (Prior to the skin having to be detached, reattached and weighted once again.)

However the lower body has been giving me a headache having never attempted anything like her before. I got so far... but was in need of help. Having had my messy unfinished skeleton completed for me and explained I have since been able to complete an experimental skin. I have been trying to skin the dress in such a way that there is a smooth left and right foot movement. I quite like this odd 'Happy Feet' motion going on. (Complete with flipper like controls!) For the sakes of understanding how she might move I keyed a few other joints to move too. This is in no way her final walk cycle. She has yet to be rigged properly.

I hope to move onto dynamic cloth for her cloak and her springy 'instant-noodle' hair, before finally creating her blend shapes for her face. There's along way to go, but she is coming to life!

Monday, 26 January 2015

Hag Skinning Progress

Having finally cracked the Hag's model its straight into building her skeleton and skinning her. In a discussion on her body shape being quite rotund and her intended motion, which is mostly to 'bop', there is no real need for her to possess knee's to hit the front of her dress. So the eventual plan was to create an odd sort of jack-in-the-box skeleton like the below. (The skeleton by itself looks positively terrifying.)

At the moment the skinning and skeleton are very much experimental as I have already discovered. The Hag being a hunchback had to have a neck that was stretched forward, leading to some off rotations in the base of the head, seen in the stills and video below. Like Morrigan's wrists (and eventually the Hag) these were combatted with an additional joint to straighten things out.

With regards to the hags walk cycle I intend to make her bop a lot, but also indicate movement with the two joints sticking out either side of the 'ankle'. These side joints will represent the Hags left and right foot and will be smoothly skinned to the bottom of her dress.

Hag Model Complete

In my bid to complete modelling the Hag I ran into a snag with regards to her cloak. Such complicated feathering along the edge of the cloak may have proved time consuming and unnecessary. I decided to create a transparency map. Unfortunately the Hags form was to be lost in blackness with the original design of cloak, so. utilising a double sided shader I managed to bring her back out of the dark. The final results work well, but they can only be seen in the render view due to the nature of the shader.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Modelling the Hag

The progression of images below are from two separate sessions modelling the hag. I'd just forgotten to post them so far.

I am at the point now where I simply need to finish the cloak and then add the piped edging to it. I'm going to experiment with how I create the feathery edges of the cape by first creating a transparency. Because I am uncertain as to how to model so many details without creating excessive geometry. this may of course be the only way, but there is no harm in trying. I am also hoping to apply a two-tone shader, so that the hags head doesn't disappear into a black abyss when the hood is raised.

Here I am just beginning to create the UV snapshot ready to take into Photoshop and test the transparency idea. I hope it all goes well, otherwise that cloak mesh is about to get very very dense!!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Skinning Morrigan- Part One

I've fixed Morrigans ribbon spine. She now has a oddly one, half the size of the original, that appears to function thus far. (Fingers crossed) In the meantime I've started the skinning process. Currently the hair and the band are parented to the head joint, while the head is skinned. I'll come back to the braid later as I feel I'd like to add dynamics or potentially add joints so that it will fall under gravity and collide with her back and shoulders.

On reaching the arms I encountered a problem skinning. In my attempts to create the soft curve at the elbow of the arm hat i'd attempted previously with ribbon spines. I found that I lost se of the wrist joint as you can see in the video below. It prompted me to create a new wrist, inspired by a peers skeleton. So I created a double wrist joint and parented one into the other. This has allowed for far better skinning overall. A thumb has yet to be skinned and an attempt at mirroring the weights is yet to be completed

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Recent Progression

In a bid to get the characters completed as soon as possible I have tried to barrel on with the modelling of my hag character and continue skinning and rigging Morrigan which can be seen in the screenshots below.

I got so far building Morrigans skeleton but suddenly noticed there was a problem with her ribbon spine. Long story short is that I need to build her a new one to fit her very short body to prevent issues in the painting of weights.

So in between times I've kick started the basics of the hag body. Her main shape should be very quick to model. Her cloak however may take me some time to build, what with it being asymmetrical. Onwards!