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Monday, 26 January 2015

Hag Skinning Progress

Having finally cracked the Hag's model its straight into building her skeleton and skinning her. In a discussion on her body shape being quite rotund and her intended motion, which is mostly to 'bop', there is no real need for her to possess knee's to hit the front of her dress. So the eventual plan was to create an odd sort of jack-in-the-box skeleton like the below. (The skeleton by itself looks positively terrifying.)

At the moment the skinning and skeleton are very much experimental as I have already discovered. The Hag being a hunchback had to have a neck that was stretched forward, leading to some off rotations in the base of the head, seen in the stills and video below. Like Morrigan's wrists (and eventually the Hag) these were combatted with an additional joint to straighten things out.

With regards to the hags walk cycle I intend to make her bop a lot, but also indicate movement with the two joints sticking out either side of the 'ankle'. These side joints will represent the Hags left and right foot and will be smoothly skinned to the bottom of her dress.

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  1. It's looking awesomeeeee : D The chicken leg looks funny, though : D