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Friday, 30 January 2015

Hag Skinning Progression

After the little walking tests, I tested how far I could stretch her stride for a run. (This old lady does a fair amount of it.) I'm uncertain if I need to revisit the skeleton build and add in extra floating joints to stop the 'hem' in her dress from glitching through the main skirt.
For now I have the version below. If you look carefully you can see in the un-smoothed view there is still some glitching, however when smoothed it tightens into place.

This skeleton may be revisited, but for the meantime I am quite pleased with the general skirt movement. However it will be the rigged version of the character, when I can animate her personality, that will truly show any skinning and skeletal issues.

The first issue I have spotted is that parenting in foot controls accidentally detached the foot joints from the main rig. When the joints were parented back in, the mesh no longer behaved as expected. So I simply grouped things back into place. The video below shows the current skirt behavior with the grouped floating joints.

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