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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Minor Project Progression

Over the course of the christmas break it has bee a long stressful road of trying to continue the project. I spent a majority of the beginning continuing to fix  around with my Warrior character who appears to still have his minor issues. But he took so long to do that the other aspects suffered a bit. HOWEVER some things did get done.

I've written new version of my script and built a semblance of an animatic pre-biz hybrid. Although the animatic is incomplete it starting to show off the story the way I'd like it to be told. However it definitely needs more work. The animatic for act 1 is already 2 minutes long and there dis still acts 2 and 3 to go! The animation is also in dire need of a voice over, which I intend to source as soon as this animatic is completed.

Additionally I have managed to complete character turn arounds for both the Warrior and Morrigan. Sadly Morrigan never got past the modelling stage, so her hair sticks out strangely and theres no personality to her pose. The Warrior however has been rigged and skinned with additional controls such as one that toggles between high and low resolutions. A set around the hem of his shirt to account for leg motion. And several across his elasticated arms. I am thoroughly pleased I have managed to animate him. However his rig is far from perfect (His arms are in major need of fixing and blend shapes are in need of a sort out.) The short animated introduction in the turn around feels like a major step forward.

The Art of 'Morrigan' : Minor Submission by Emily Clarkson

Final Submission Disc Artwork

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  1. This is all looking amazing! Well done!! : D