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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Skinning Morrigan- Part One

I've fixed Morrigans ribbon spine. She now has a oddly one, half the size of the original, that appears to function thus far. (Fingers crossed) In the meantime I've started the skinning process. Currently the hair and the band are parented to the head joint, while the head is skinned. I'll come back to the braid later as I feel I'd like to add dynamics or potentially add joints so that it will fall under gravity and collide with her back and shoulders.

On reaching the arms I encountered a problem skinning. In my attempts to create the soft curve at the elbow of the arm hat i'd attempted previously with ribbon spines. I found that I lost se of the wrist joint as you can see in the video below. It prompted me to create a new wrist, inspired by a peers skeleton. So I created a double wrist joint and parented one into the other. This has allowed for far better skinning overall. A thumb has yet to be skinned and an attempt at mirroring the weights is yet to be completed

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