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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Hag Skinning Progression

She's proving to be rather difficult to map out. The upper body has been relatively normal thus far. As you can see in the video clip below. (Prior to the skin having to be detached, reattached and weighted once again.)

However the lower body has been giving me a headache having never attempted anything like her before. I got so far... but was in need of help. Having had my messy unfinished skeleton completed for me and explained I have since been able to complete an experimental skin. I have been trying to skin the dress in such a way that there is a smooth left and right foot movement. I quite like this odd 'Happy Feet' motion going on. (Complete with flipper like controls!) For the sakes of understanding how she might move I keyed a few other joints to move too. This is in no way her final walk cycle. She has yet to be rigged properly.

I hope to move onto dynamic cloth for her cloak and her springy 'instant-noodle' hair, before finally creating her blend shapes for her face. There's along way to go, but she is coming to life!

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