Wednesday, 25 February 2015

A Mixed Bag- Scripts, Concepts and Models

Among other things, there have been some rewrites on the original script. Here's the latest version below. I also meant to post initial environment concepts of which there are a handful also below. Hopefully there will be more of those soon. But only when I've completed the Crow model whose progress can be seen last in this post. 

I have the ideas in my head for the environment design, but getting them down on tablet or paper keeps falling back in the list of priorities due to my character builds in Maya taking a lot longer than anticipated. I am trying to get on top of things now. In order to create amore textured universe than was submitted for the minor project I hope to combine rougher painted texture shapes with Celtic shapes and patterns and use them as bump maps for a more textured terrain. I have plenty to work on. 

Modelling the crow has been a compromise from the start in terms of its build. Though I did get some anatomy books out for reference, I designed something so stylised something had to give. I've tried to create a fairly even balance between the design and reality. Which is why the wings are vastly different. However I feel at least Morrigan's crow still resembles a crow. She's almost complete. I'm currently working on the line work which for the wings is proving difficult, but with any luck it'll be finished tomorrow.

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