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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Morrigan Rigging Progression and Dynamic Hair

I've recently skinned the skirt layer that sits on top of Morrigans dress body, so she now has had a raft of controls for the edges and a couple for her backside for when the leg is drawn back. It appears fairly successful. Having completed the conventional rigging, as seen in the screenshots below, I went on to create controls similar series of controls for the hem of the dress as you can also see in the video below.

My next step was to make her hair dynamic like the Hag. However in the case of Morrigan it is one large plaited mass and not individual strands. I hoped the nCloth process would prove sufficient. Though it does simulate weight for the mesh and swings freely whilst colliding fairly well, there is a sort of rubbery nature about the upper part of the plait. Unfortunately this was a given with the challenging shape of the braid closest to the skull.

It works up to a point but finding a balance between the rigidity of that upper part is key because either the braid will seemingly defy gravity, but the hair won't pull away from the hairband. Meanwhile the current version shows the hair stretching away and revealing inside the hairband. I think I may have to re-do the dynamic and combine the hair and hairband as one piece so they move together, but collide with the hair on the skull.

I know this needs further tweaking, however I wanted to be sure I could continue with this method and thus cached the dynamics I had, (using alembic) and then wrap deformed my line work pattern to see it move, highly successfully, with the main braid. Seeing this work was an enormous relief. I have solace in the knowledge I can incorporate this same method with the Hag's cloak line work.

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