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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Hag Cloak and hair Dynamics

Following the eventual rigging of the hag I went back to try to make her cloak dynamic. The video below shows the progression so far. It probably needs a little more tweaking. One of the things I fixed as I went along was the lacking movement in the hood. Perhaps the ratio's of the varying materials need a little more seeing to. For now however I am quite happy with the motion.

Taking what I learned about nCloth for the cloak I went about trying to sort out the hair, which meant going back and remodelling it so there were no penetrations between the strands and the body, hair or cloak. The videos I took of my various tests were unfortunately too big (because I foolishly didn't check my settings) So I have a series of screengrabs of the mishaps. I want the hair to remain the length it is, but simply bend when in motion, rather than unfurl and stretch like many of the tests show.

The pictures below detail the point in which I was painting weights (weight, strength, glue strength) as you can probably tell I wasn't quite sure what I needed to achieve my vision of the Hags hair,

The next sequence of images are stills from my video tests showing some of the more interesting bloopers and my toying with the materials types. A rubbery texture was almost completely useless except for the way it helped the shape deform when colliding with the body. Chain mail meant the hair simply fell to full length, destroying the curls. And playing around with the weights seemed to yield nothing either,

Curls naturally unfurled. Though pretty its not the Hags look. 

A failed weight test to combat the unfurling,

Though the kinetic motion of the unfurled hair was the motion I desired.

Forgot to re-skin the hair to the head,..

so it slid off quite spectacularly

A combination of weight changes and material changes.... 

Which led to an absolute disaster.....

And my mesh did not like it one bit!!! The hair zipped up to the top of her head like it was being sucked into a blender!

Its safe to say nCloth is just not working for the hair at the moment. But it is a challenge that will be overcome. Hopefully as successfully as the cloak.

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  1. really interesting post, Emily - oh the trails and tribulations!