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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The Hags Rigging and Morrigans Skinning Progress

Over the past few days I've been skinning both the Hag and Morrigan. Having completed the Hag's skinning, (or so I thought) I got down to rigging her. Though she does have all of her controls I am going back in to fix one little thing. The Cloak!! Its not been attached to the rig and my next step into uncharted territories is giving that cloak a dynamic swishy feel. Quite excited about that. Also a similar treatment will be given to the Hag's instant noodle hair. A little spring will liven it up I'm sure!

So just for now here is  quick skin test of the Hags upper body mainly for the intervening period as I quickly skin and give the cloak dynamism!

The images below show the Hag with the cloak skinned so far. As can be seen it glitches through in some places. But I hope that these issues will mostly be rectified once I've applied an nCloth to the geometry and made passive colliders out of the body. The only piece I am uncertain about is the way the hood should be skinned. They have limited movement when being worn, and this hood in particular is very stylised! So that is something to be revisited shortly.

Secondly, as mentioned earlier I have been working on Morrigan, whose skirt is most definitely a challenge to skin. I have yet to add in a potential series of floating joints for additional control of the hem. Such as where the foot would punch the bottom of the skirt as she walked and so forth. In any case the below is the skinning process so far. At the moment the frustration is that central line is quite sharp no matter how much I paint it...

In any case I will keep plugging forwards in working through her skin and rectifying the issues I've spotted along the way. Onward!

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  1. well done, Emily - keep it going - and keep one eye on that script! :)