Tuesday, 31 March 2015

More Environmental Work- The Ravine

So today I've spent time to try and create additional depth in my ravine scene with additional planes adjustments to the lighting as well as incorporating bump maps.

Initially I spent my time creating and applying bump maps to my foreground trees and experimenting with their depth but also the additional Celtic banding. Finally to try and add some depth I toyed around with darkening the distant forest matte painting and also the foreground tree shaders.

I added some additional trees on a plane for some extra depth as well as finally introducing a Gobo to create the shadows of the stylized leaves I have designed. They cast fairly well on the trees further back. Its a shame they cannot be seen casting on the floor as you see in the high perspective view. But at least I have proof that this technique should work sufficiently for my other scenes

There are a few additional things needed. I'm still not at all happy with the forest point of view of the ravine. I'm not sure what I need to do to improve it/fix it. I feel that I may need to drastically change the lighting and just have two sets of lights, one per camera view. Meanwhile the skyward view of the ravine is close, but in need of a few planes filled with background details. So on we go!

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Environmental Experimentation

I've been working back into the Ravine scene and trying to build it further backward for the final scene with Morrigan stood at the very edge of the drop. Here are some of the renders I've taken as I've played with the texturing and bump mapping.

For the hero ravine shot I thumb-nailed originally (see below) I used a particular shader (a Blinn) in order to get a lovely light on the edges of my trees, unfortunately that same shader makes those trees look far too shiny when the scene is viewed from a different angle.

I tried altering the shader type to a Lambert but it knocked all the stuffing out of the scene. So I continued to try and make my trees look like stylized trees more than patterned plastic piping and wound up with the progressions below.

Blinn(Left) vs Lambert (Right)

I decided to stick with the Blinn for the time begin and see what could be done about making my tubes more tree like, so i went back to the bump map and added some additional line work to create a sense of bark.  Initial streaks were too far spaced, so I added more in the second passes. They can be seen from both the points of view of the ravine.

I do quite like the additional bark-like bump map going on. It needs a lot of refining but only after I've crowded my scene with the trees it needs heading into the distance. Currently the scaling is way off and with the way I'm duplicating and moving the tree's about they need to be remodelled to fit the scene and prepare for re-texturing later.

I intend for the pattern do die out in the tree's that are more distant and I feel they should get darker the deeper into the forest that they go, however despite the shader's being made darker and almost black they're taking on an alarming silvery appearance in blinn form! The ones that are completely black in the final image were altered to be lambert's as a trial.

Bear in mind, these are all just test scenes, once I've found a style I like I'll re-do my UV maps so they are economical and sensible and do a far better paint job within Photoshop. However first things first back to traditional grey and building trees that are correct in scale.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Creating the Barbarian

I have now completed almost all of my characters. Correcting issues as I have gone along. The remaining missing character is the Barbarian. For the sake of time and scale I have taken an exact duplicate of the warrior model and rig and I am adjusting the form to become that of the barbarian character.

This Barbarian has been created by rehashing one of the warriors earlier designs alongside a change in the head shape. 

I need to make him quite different to the warrior character to ensure less confusion between the two when they fight on the edge of the ravine. One of the key ways I will achieve this is through a vastly different colour scheme. The Barbarian will be blocked out in red with black line work.

I've made a small expression sheet for this character as he has little screen time. He barely ranges between angry and shocked when the key barbarian is forced over the ravine edge. I added sorrowful faces to combine with the shock and struggles during battle.

Aside from a couple of little technical tweaks I consider this character pretty much done, completing my character line up.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

The Overview!

SO the project so far. I've got a line up of the main characters rigged and almost ready to go complete with all their expressions. They only need a few tweaks here and there to iron out a few kinks. I'm almost ready to blitz through building the other environments. I need to cement just a few more designs.


Crow Rigging

The crow is the most recent character to the line up. She's almost complete. One last control to make will hopefully cut out the wrap deform deformity. I need to create a Hi-Res version of the body geometry and use an on off switch to alternate between the hi and low res. Much like the warrior. This should cut out any odd movements from that line work I painstakingly made!

Here are a few shots of her posed. You can clearly see a strange lobe deformation just beneath the base of the wing, which is one of the main things I hope to fix