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Friday, 27 March 2015

Creating the Barbarian

I have now completed almost all of my characters. Correcting issues as I have gone along. The remaining missing character is the Barbarian. For the sake of time and scale I have taken an exact duplicate of the warrior model and rig and I am adjusting the form to become that of the barbarian character.

This Barbarian has been created by rehashing one of the warriors earlier designs alongside a change in the head shape. 

I need to make him quite different to the warrior character to ensure less confusion between the two when they fight on the edge of the ravine. One of the key ways I will achieve this is through a vastly different colour scheme. The Barbarian will be blocked out in red with black line work.

I've made a small expression sheet for this character as he has little screen time. He barely ranges between angry and shocked when the key barbarian is forced over the ravine edge. I added sorrowful faces to combine with the shock and struggles during battle.

Aside from a couple of little technical tweaks I consider this character pretty much done, completing my character line up.

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